Friday, October 11, 2013

A stressfull year

It's long ago that I posted something. The last year was very hard. We moved three times, because the building company which should build our new house went bankrupt. My male human got seriously sick. He still is. My female human works and studies a lot. The move for me was hard, because the first place we lived in was a very small flat with no garden or balcony. The second house was a bit bigger and had a garden, but we stayed there only for a few weeks. Now we live in a bigger house with a small garden, but a nice meadow just right beside the house. It's really good here. Our new home will be finished at the end of january. I cross my paws that there will be no more delay. Actually the house should have been finished in april this year.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Back in Germany

Since three weeks we are back in Germany. The nice thing is that here are no cats who disturb me, the weather is much warmer and more sunny, BUT no garden, much smaller place and too many strange noises!

My female human told me that this arrangement is just temporary and that we will move in a brand new and much bigger house than the one in Sweden in six months. She is promising a garden and many birds in the forest on the mountain where the house will be build.

I am still adjusting to the new environment. Last week I fell out of the window when I tried to move on the very small windowsill. Down I fell - three stories! Luckily I did no break anything and was only in shock. I landed on my feet in the soft and green grass.

Beside that it is very boring, because both my humans are working now full time and the little one is the whole day in kindergarten. But when they are home everyone is playing with me and gives me lots of love.

Anyway, I hope the six months will pass very quickly and we can all move in the new house.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hiding in the wardrobe

What would YOU do?
What would you do when so many terrible and strange things would happen in YOUR house?
There are lots of boxes in the house now. Wardrobes, cupboards and shelves are empty. Furniture just disappear. Where is MY furniture? Strange people come in the house, leaving with furniture. My female human packs and packs and packs boxes. Lots of them.
Then, I was put in a box and transported to the VET! I got two injections this time. Why TWO???? I don't have no RABIES!!!!????
Strange. A week later, I was not allowed to eat for 2 DAYS!!! Put in the box again and gone to the VET. I don't remember ANYTHING from the vet. When I woke up, I was in the box again, with a band aid on my foreleg and I had this strange feeling in my mouth. Later on I realized that one of my teeth was MISSING!!!! Hey, where is my tooth??? WHAT HAS HAPPENED?????
I DON'T LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Since two days I am hiding in the wardrobe on the picknick basket. Just LEAVE ME ALONE!

Monday, July 9, 2012


Oh, I did COMPLAIN yesterday. I talked a lot when my humans came back. I couldn't stop. There was so much I wanted to tell them. I sat on my female human when they watched the rugby league and she gave my lots of love. When she stopped scratching my head, I just looked at her and she continued scratching. After a while, I went over to my male human and it was his turn to scratch me. Now, I am happy again.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yoggi is back home!

We are very happy that our neighbour found Yoggi and he is back home and safe.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Yoggi is missing

Hi, Yoggi is missing. Our neighbours are feeding Yoggi since a week, because we are in Germany organizing our move back to Germany. Today, I got an e-mail saying that Yoggi has not coming back home from a walk outside. He is missing since a few days. He has never done that before, he has always come back home.
I hope he comes back. Three weeks ago my mum suddenly died and I am still in shock because of that. If my beloved Yoggi will not come back I would be devastated.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring in Sweden

Hello everyone!
I am glad you are still there to read my posts. Now, it's springtime and I am enjoying the sun and slowly temperatures are going up. The hedgehog is back in the garden and walks through it at 8pm. I am still waiting for my frog friend, but he will be there in summer. He loves the irises in the garden.
My humans have been on a long vacation in Australia. They have been there for three month. I had a house sitter here from Australia, a writer who gave me lots of love and food.
Now, my humans are cleaning the house and garden to make it pretty for the summer. I prefer to sleep in the sun, on the trampoline or on a kitchen chair. It is not birdie season yet, but I already have my new collar with a bell. I have to try to lose that stupid thing again. There are only three cats left at the neighbour's place. I have not as many fights with them any more.
And guess what? On the first of may was my eighth purrthday! I got a whole fried chicken from my humans, but I had to eat it over the whole week. That was yummy!
Have a FUN day!